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5 Ways To Be More Confident In Job Interviews

Job interviews can be stressful, nerve-racking, and intense. However, it’s vital that you remain composed and present yourself confidently and professionally.

It can be frustrating and demoralising to know that you have the skills required for the job, but your interview skills and confidence let you down.

Fortunately for you, we here at Regional Careers have listed five ways that you can be more confident in your upcoming interviews, so read on to ace your job interview! 

1. Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to appear more confident in job interviews is to complete practice interviews with friends, family, and external coaches.

It sounds simple, but it really does work – you’ll be much more confident and comfortable in an interview if it’s your tenth interview of the month (compared to your first of the year!)

As a university student, you likely have access to a dedicated careers team that can host mock interviews for you.

Make sure you utilise this service; it’s free and excellent for improving your confidence in the real thing!

If you’re not a student, consider arranging mock interviews with friends and family members.

For a more ‘authentic’ interview experience, consider booking a few sessions with an interview coach who can offer advice, conduct a mock interview, and provide feedback.

Finally, try recording your interview answers and watching them back to identify any issues and improve them – this can boost your confidence for the actual job interview! 

2. Preparation Is Key

Writing down some excellent answers to common interview questions can be a brilliant way of improving your confidence in a job interview.

Many candidates begin their interviews confidently but get derailed by an unexpected question.

To remedy this issue, research the most common interview questions for your desired job, create a list of the questions, and create a detailed and relevant answer for each question.

After completing this task, rehearse the answers and learn them – this is one of the most effective ways to avoid getting thrown off by unexpected interview questions! 

3. Present Yourself Professionally

Professionally presenting yourself is a brilliant way of improving your confidence in a job interview.

Not only can a professional presentation improve your confidence in a job interview, but it can also increase your chances of getting hired!

In fact, a study by Murray Barrick in the ‘Journal of Applied Psychology’ revealed that a candidate’s presentation has “stronger relationships with interview ratings than they do with job performance ratings”.

Furthermore, Barrick’s study noted that a candidate’s presentation “may impact interviewer ratings just as much as or even more than clearly valid predictors of later job performance”.

Essentially, this means that presenting yourself appropriately is one of the most important factors in your interview’s success; in some cases, it can even be more important than your skills and experience.

To give yourself the best possible chance, take the time to dress appropriately and ensure that you present yourself as well as possible – comb your hair, iron your shirt, and smile!

Follow these presentation tips, and you’ll have a distinct advantage over similar candidates and be more confident in your job interview! 

4. Breathing Techniques, Body Language, and Water Breaks

If you suffer from anxiety before and during job interviews, try out some of these techniques to increase your confidence!

Take slow, deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth – this is an excellent way of calming yourself down.

Another technique you can use is the ‘power pose’ popularised by Amy Cuddy in her TED talk; holding a power pose for a few minutes before your interview can improve your confidence and reduce your anxiety.

Of course, striking a power pose in the middle of your interview is unlikely to come across well, so we’ve also included a couple of anti-anxiety techniques to use during your job interview!

During your job interview, ensure that you maintain good posture by sitting up straight and making sure that you don’t fidget; following these guidelines will help you come across as professional and alert.

Finally, if you’re feeling anxious or need more time to think about your answer, take a sip of water.

Drinking water is an appropriate and professional way of taking a quick pause to calm your nerves or formulate your response, which is infinitely better than bumbling out a rushed and inadequate answer.

Follow these techniques to curb your anxiety and improve your confidence, and keep reading for our final tip! 

5. Take It Slow

Our final confidence-building tip is to take it slow, take the time to think about your answer, and don’t rush.

A candidate who rushes through their answer may come across as unprepared, anxious, and impulsive.

However, a candidate who pauses to think about their answer comes across as controlled, thoughtful, and confident.

Make sure not to rush, and remember that silence always feels longer than it actually is – remain calm, take it slow, and show off your confidence!


By following the tips, tricks, and techniques listed in this guide, your confidence will skyrocket, and your job interviews will be impressive!

Remember to practice, prepare, present yourself professionally, use our interview techniques, and don’t rush.

Finally, make sure to use Regional Careers to find excellent jobs specifically for your local area, and use this interview guide to turbocharge your confidence!


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